We are facing the first double colossi tag team storms, that I’ve been able to find historically. Irma is the size of France over the Atlantic or 10 Delawares as Colbert said. I’m sure this happens in other places in the Universe, as they can really rip it up out there.This is something I hope we’re not moving towards.

When and why did the GOP become so inflexibly anti-environment/science? Forget that TR founded the nation’s National Park System. We might as well talk about Lincoln and race.

Was it the fundamentalists, believing that god will take care of the environment? Maybe god is sending a message, the size of France, it’s a woman and maybe it’s headed for Trump properties in Florida. If the fundamentalists can accept Trump and his disgusting package of characteristics, which I will not try to fit into their religion, how about the same tolerance towards science? How do you exclude science? It’s a pretty big category.

Moving to the non-fundamentalist deplorables, do you really believe that dealing with the environment costs jobs? Why is everyone so crazy about the 70,000 coal miners, when retail could lose 110,000 jobs this year alone? Do you not understand that the environmental field is one of the fastest growing job categories throughout the world and that the Big Jerk is jerking you all around about moving forward with coal, our most primitive fuel, being shunned around the world. Maybe there is a coal deal to be made with N. Korea, talking about primitive. We could help choke their ruling class. As for oil, natural gas will take care of that, until alternative fuels get full traction.** Hopefully, America will be a big part of that game, despite Trump and the Paris Accord stupidity.

Is the science rejection a battle against the elite? I didn’t know Einstein was part of the 1%. Science and learning are democratic. If a scientist in the FDA or NIH discovers a life saving drug, where does that fit, other than being overpriced by the time Big Pharma distributes it? Or is it just weather science? The GOP certainly likes to cut research budgets, one of the single most important reasons for America’s success and it feeds our businesses with new products.

Now the third part of the Unholy Alliance, Big Business. Most Big Business supports environmental progressivism, except most of the fossil fuel people, led by the Kochs. Science? How could business not be for science? They expand through science and create much of the scientific products. Why are they so passive? Don’t make waves? Is it all about taxes and no regulations?

Now that the Big Opportunist is a Democrat, maybe we’ll find out.


This article was planned before the hurricane sale, are there really 2 more coming? Good luck Mexico, 2 earthquakes, a hurricane and DACA.


**$50 oil has been one of the great things to watch, and it ain’t going up. Fracking, no matter what you think of it-government research by the way, has been a big reason. Russia now has a GDP slightly more than Mexico and less than Canada, which has 40 million people to Russia’s 125 million. There are not too many petro countries who have been reasonably good citizens, except those in North and South America, a little bias here. Putin’s budget is probably based on $80 oil-good luck! Putin’s given everything else away to the Oligarchs. No wonder Russia has to be a criminal country, otherwise the only thing they have is a large nuclear capacity. Let’s not let the Big Denier rescue Russia for family financial reasons.



-Trump on Irma on 9/7: “Not good. Believe me. Not good.” But reassuring!

-Why you want to play poker with Trump-so many tells. “We’ll see.” That means nothing will happen or probably a bad hand. “Believe me.” He’s trying to cheat. Repeats the same thing twice-a big exaggeration. Repeats it 3 times-an out and out lie.

-Nice to have Stephen Colbert back. He mentioned an actual letter Obama left for Trump. Obama said there was no blueprint for success, but Colbert said we now have a detailed diagram of failure.

-Trump still wants to spend $40B on The Wall. Houston may have taken $160B of damage, while we await Irma. Trump is someone who really worships his own stupidity.

-Can you actually mix the King of the Deplorables with the Deferential, Defenseless Democrats?

-Bill Maher disclosed a new hurricane warning system: Yellow-Trump’s hair; Orange-Trump’s face; and Red-Trump’s ties to Russia.                                                                                                                                                                               -And Melania’s stilettos-flood me pumps.

-Sorry to say this to all the CBS Morning fans, but Steve Bannon made Charlie Rose look like he has never seriously debated political issues. He favorably interviews people and reads news. Why would 60 MINUTES choose him for this contentious interview? How many electronic people can do more than sound bites? Bannon took Charlie’s underwear off on national TV.

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